WANTED: lots of $1 pledges!

Joining us on Nov 4 at the Verrazano Bridge 5:33 am
will be TI Parent Debora Gonzalez (below)
and TI Trustees Lilli Scalettar (below) and Joe Dixon (below)
and Janette Dixon.
There is room for more if you want to join us!

-- Steve Bergen and Adjowah Scott --

Click here or the graphic above to make an online pledge. Donations are tax-deductible for Federal income tax purposes. Checks of any amount can be made payable to TECH INTERNATIONAL CHARTER SCHOOL and mailed to Steve Bergen, Tech International Charter School, 3120 Corlear Ave, Bronx NY 10463. All donations go to our million dollar bill challenge to help buy books for our kids and to support our TI Healthy Eating lunch program. We prefer you to send pledges now and money after 11/4, but whatever you prefer is fine! Thanks! Click here for a pledge sheet.

As of 10/27/12, we have 52 pledges that total $7,360. All we need are 992,640 more people to pledge $1 each by the time we walk 26.2 miles on November 4th.

Pledges only!
We will contact you
after the marathon
if we make it!

Click here to meet
the first of many TI parents
who wants to walk the marathon
with us on Nov 4th!
Click here for the 30 second video
from the Nov 2011 NYC marathon.
Click here for sights and sounds from the Boston marathon April 2012

Questions About A Million Dollar Bills

Q1: If we tape a million dollar bills together, will they stretch from 3120 Corlear Ave to Manhattan? New Jersey? Philadelphia?
HINT: each bill is approximately 155.956 mm wide and 25.4 mm equals 1 inch.

Q2: How much will a million dollar bills weigh?
HINT: each bill is approximately 1 gram and 28.3495 grams make an ounce.

Q3: If we could stack them to the sky, how high would they reach?
HINT: each bill is approximately .0043 inches thick so around 233 dollar bills makes a stack 1 inch high.

Q4: If Ms. Scott gives 1 dollar bill to someone in need in Brooklyn after walking 1 second, then waits 2 seconds and does the same, then waits 4 seconds and does the same and so on, how many dollar bills will she give away on November 4th assuming the trip takes 8 hours?
HINT: come join us on 11/4 when we will try this out and see if we run out of money!

"Yes, I plan to walk the NYC marathon on Sunday November 4 with Steve and Adjowah to help raise one million dollar bills for TI."
"Si, pienso caminar el Maraton de Nueva York el Domingo 4 de Noviembre con Steve e Adjowah para ayudar a recaudar 1 millon de billetes de un dollar para la escuela TI."

From the parent of a current TI student:

"Thank you very much for your enthusiasm and support that you provide not only to us, but to all the TI Students. Both of you guys are one of a kind."